The Floating Life Safety & Security Team is in charge of checking and
managing all activities and files related to national and international safety standards. We are responsible for all standards of the Yacht being managed.

Flag & Certifications

Given the large and increasing volume of certifications required on board Yachts, we verify their compliance with relevant rules and regulations, we support in the proper maintenance of all certifications, and offer guidance to Captains and crew on all technical aspects related to flag state and classification issues.
We liaise and maintain relationship with Flag Authorities for the Yacht.

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  • Checking lists and maintenance deadlines
  • Checking safety equipment and maintenance certifications safety equipment
  • Handling of all activities related to Flag State compliance and
  • Classification Society requirements
  • Issuing and Renewing of Merchant Shipping Medical Scales
  • Liaising with Class and Flag State surveyors
  • Monitoring standard and safety procedures’
ISM & ISPS Management

We ensure safety, to prevent human injury or loss of life, and to avoid damages to the
environment, in particular, the marine environment, and to the Yachts. Many of the items listed are “operational” and our role is to put in place systems and support to assist the Captain in carrying out many of his functions. We also monitor the Captain and crew in their daily operations of the Yacht. The system in place is monitored through: a system of monthly returns from the Yacht designed to highlight deficiencies and ensure that best practices are applied, two on board audits per year carried out by our” Designated Person Ashore” (DPA) and a general security assessment of basic good practice.

More information
  • 24/7 availability of a DPA for emergency support
  • Acting as P&I representatives by informing Owners and authority
  • Arrangement and renewing of Yacht’s manual in compliance with IMO legislation
  • Checking and updating of on board documents
  • Coordinating incident support
  • Coordinating Salvage Association Surveyors
  • ISM and ISPS on board implementation
  • Monitoring and implementing on board MARPOL Annex VI compliance
  • Monitoring and liaising with Class Status when required
  • Monitoring of on board operations
  • Organising flag inspections according to regulations
  • Organising the supply of Notice to Mariners and compulsory IMO publications
  • Training Senior Officers for ISM and ISPS compliance
Mini ISM Management
The Mini-ISM is a safety management system based on the ISM Code, but particularly tailored to Yachts over 24 meters and under 500GT.

MCA LY3 Annex 2 Mini ISM is required to be maintained for Yachts under 500GT.

More information
  • Arrangement and renewing of Yacht’s manual in compliance with IMO legislation
  • Checking and updating of on board documents
  • Monitoring of on board operations
  • Organization and supervision of on board Flag Audit

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