From financial advice to drawing up budgets


We provide a realistic operating budget


By interacting constantly with owners


The Floating Life Yacht Management Team are richly experienced in all aspects of Yacht Management. Our specialists will guide and support Owners and Captains in rules and regulation, technical issues, fiscal administration, and commercial awareness.


Our account personnel have extensive experience that allows them to provide an accurately predicted budget, set-up an appropriate accounting system, and analyse expenditure. We provide a realistic operating budget based upon our assessment of the Yacht and its planned usage. We train Captains to familiarize them with the procedures. We arrange for delivery of Vessel funds to the Yacht and payment to suppliers. We also monitor all expenditure and supply detailed and transparent monthly/quarterly accounts to the Owners.


  • Set-up and management of financial software
  • Establish and maintain Yacht bank accounts
  • Input on annual budgets and financial planning
  • Arranging money transfer to Captains for on board expenditures
  • Checking Captains’ monthly accounts
  • Checking bank accounts and credit cards statements
  • Checking invoices and disbursements of all goodsand services
  • Providing assistance on VAT and taxation matters
  • Arranging payment of monthly/quarterly VAT returns
  • Crew payroll
  • Processing wire transfers for payment of invoices
  • Arranging charter APA’s for Captains
  • Arranging the payment of Yacht expenses worldwide
  • Preparing quarterly statements, along with expenditure analysis
  • Preparing annual financial reports


  • Advising on any regulatory changes affecting Yacht operations

  • Arranging insurance cover for the Yacht and Crew

  • Administrating insurance policies

  • Handling of claims relating to the Yacht, Crew, and supervision of repairs


To protect the value of Owners’ assets, Floating Life Yacht Management Technical Team also provides assistance with the maintenance and refitting of Yachts. Yachts conditions are monitored constantly through recurrent visits on board, and using job lists to schedule maintenance works with shipyards, subcontractors, and Crew. We assess the experience, skill, and cost-effective of all companies carrying out the work to ensure the best and most cost-effective results.


  • Planning maintenance schedules with review of their effectiveness with periodic inspections
  • Appointing competent personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the Vessel
  • Assisting on board engineering staff with shipyards specifications and troubleshooting
  • Visiting shipyards during routine dry docking
  • Liaising with Class and Flag State surveyors
  • Arranging the supply of necessary stores and spares, if required
  • Appointing surveyors and technical consultants, as necessary
  • Handling of all activities related to Flag State compliance and Classification Society requirements



The Certifications and Safety Department is in charge of checking and managing all activities and files related to national and international safety standards. This department is responsible for all the standards of the yacht being managed.


  • Standards and safety procedures’ department
  • Safety equipment checking and maintenance
  • Certifications safety equipment
  • List checking and maintenance, deadlines
  • Merchant shipping medical scales – certificate



Floating Life has developed a client-oriented logistic service by drawing on considerable experience gained in the management business. The logistic side of the service focuses on all the yacht’s needs and general support is given to Captains and Crew with customs clearance, cruising permits, shipping, port agents, travel and local contacts.




Our services:


  • Berth reservations
  • Refuelling, searching and procuring spares
  • Delivery on board
  • Custom handling
  • Supplier comparative analysis


Floating Life Yacht Management provides a crew management service to support in the smooth and effective running of Yacht human resources, such as: verifying qualifications; monitoring certification & medical insurance; travel expenses; handling contract negotiation, define objectives and performance assessment. We assist in crew recruitment to ensure the best-suited crew are selected.

  • Assisting Captains in Crew placement

  • Verifying and renewing Crew certificates of competency and licences

  • Issuing Captains’ and Crew contracts

  • Assisting and liaising with the Captain on employment disputes

  • General Crew administration, support and repatriation

  • Handling of Crew medical insurance and accident and claims

  • Advising Captains on MLC requirements


We are a group of highly efficient and experienced professionals, experts in each specific sector of yachting, delivering round-the-clock, worldwide effective support.


Our Yacht Management experts have hands-on experience and knowledge of tax, legal, and customs issues related to yachting. Our team is well versed in the difference between EU regulations and international taxation, and our services are custom-made to ensure Owners’ operations are compliant whatever the itinerary and jurisdiction.


We can recommend the best solution for your Yacht, considering issues such as cruising area, VAT, and so on. Given the large and increasing volume of certification required on board Yachts to verify their compliance with relevant rules and regulations, we support in the proper maintenance of all certifications, and offer guidance to Captains and Crews on all technical aspects related to flag state and classification issues.


Working closely with Owners and Captains, the Floating Life Yacht Management Team advises on, and supports in, the selection and creation of the best solution for an Ownership Structure. We can help in the incorporation of ownership and nationality, and contact the relevant authorities to obtain the appropriate registration and flag. We can arrange initial registration, re-registration and/or name changes for the Vessel, ensuring that the Yacht complies at all times with flag state and classification rules.


We support Owners and Captains in furnishing the Yacht with all items needed (furniture, fabrics, galley utensils, display objects, etc.). Our experts meet with Owners and Interior crew members to assess spaces (interior /exterior), and to take notice of their requirements and tastes. Thanks to our extensive number of suppliers, we can provide a wide-range of choice at lower prices.

Integrity, quality, and expertise – Floating Life has been creating a new standard in the yachting industry since its inception in 2002. Floating Life can be compared to a refined boutique, dedicated to yachting, where our clients receive our thorough commitment and bespoke in-house services so that their needs, and those of their vessels, are constantly met. We are a group of highly efficient and experienced professionals, experts in each specific sector of yachting, delivering round-the-clock, worldwide effective support.

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