Who knows whether it's  posturing, overcompensating or a deep-seated need for a 100-metre-long, diesel-powered palace, but apparently the owners of the world's biggest superyachts have never heard of charter. At least, that's the only reason we can think of why they...


Interview - Andrea Pezzini Président directeur général de Floating Life, Andrea Pezzini s'est fait le chantre de la propriété et de la location partagées. Il vient de lancer un nouveau projet de yacht, type Expédition, le Dream K43, fruit d'une étude entre ses clients...


Floating Life’s garments are all ‘made in Italy’. A high-end, perfectly cut, collection with a tailored look, made with fabrics of the utmost quality. Some of our favourites are the Technical and Polyamide Wear lines....


Andrea Pezzini and Barbara Tambani are the heart and soul, and also the brainpower, behind Floating Life, a company that specialises in managing mega yachts using an intelligent and innovative formula...


C'est le deuxième modèle de la gamme K.Series qui est en construction au chantier Cantiere Delle Marche à Ancône (Adriatique). La coque à bulbe est achevée en ce début d'année. Sa salle des machines contient deux diesels Caterpillar C32 de 1 950 ch chacun qui lui...

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Integrity, quality, and expertise – Floating Life has been creating a new standard in the yachting industry since its inception in 2002. Floating Life can be compared to a refined boutique, dedicated to yachting, where our clients receive our thorough commitment and bespoke in-house services so that their needs, and those of their vessels, are constantly met. We are a group of highly efficient and experienced professionals, experts in each specific sector of yachting, delivering round-the-clock, worldwide effective support.

Floating Life International SA

Floating Life International SA

Via Gen. Guisan, 1

CH-6833 Vacallo – Switzerland

Tel. +41 (0) 91 6900064 / 65

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